Dallas Deputy Injured In Hit-And-Run Crash
When you are injured in a car crash, your focus needs to be on healing and being with your family. Let the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde help you handle insurance companies and other parties. Dottie Hyde understands these cases and will work tirelessly on your behalf.
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16 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

In late February, a Dallas deputy was injured after a driver collided with two Dallas County police cars in a hit-and-run incident. The two police cars were blocking two lanes of traffic due to a stalled tractor-trailer. The 2005 Dodge truck struck both vehicles and then fled the scene. There was a deputy in each […]

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15 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

Today, we want to bring you a story from a Houston hospital because it highlights a pattern of medical errors. At St. Luke’s Medical Center, a woman was given a blood transfusion last year. The problem is that she was given the wrong blood type. Medical staff did not notice that the blood sample that […]

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09 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

Dogs are beautiful but wild creatures. They have their own personalities and often will do all they can to protect their owners. However, not all dogs understand what it means to protect or what it means to not attack. There are some dogs who are just wired to run and attack. It doesn’t make them […]

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08 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

It is easy to get mad at the doctors or nurses who tell us something that we don’t want to hear. It is easy to blame hospital staff when something goes awry, but usually, we are angry because of the situation. People don’t like seeing their loved ones in pain or seeing their loved ones […]

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02 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

When you leave your house each day, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety when setting out on foot. Whether you are heading out for a jog, walking from your office to lunch, or strolling through the park, you should not have to worry about an injury. Unfortunately, we know that […]

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01 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

When you are out walking around Dallas, you always know there are risks of getting hurt. We know that there are negligent drivers all around us and we take steps to be safe. However, reckless drivers are not the only cause of pedestrian injuries. A woman who was walking down West 2nd Street was seriously […]

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23 Feb 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

We have learned that the US Department of Agriculture has announced a recall on more chicken products, this on the heels of other major chicken recalls throughout the country. This time, the recall is coming from chicken distributed by Taylor Farms. There are approximately 2,100 pounds that were “incorrectly labeled and have undeclared allergens.” The […]

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22 Feb 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

We have learned that a man from Texas has died after his e-cigarette exploded and caused a massive injury. The incident happened on January 27. William Brown, 24-years-old, was in the parking lot of a store that sells vaping supplies when his vape pen exploded. The owner of the store, who did not sell the […]

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16 Feb 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

For the moment, the partial government shutdown is over. While we saw on the nightly news the many ways in which people were affected, there are some things that happened that did not get much notice in the news. This Washington Post story shows how product recalls were significantly affected by the government shutdown.The agency […]

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15 Feb 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

We know that you are probably tired of hearing about electric scooters by now. If you do not use them, you likely think they are a major hazard to pedestrians in and around Dallas. If you do use them, then you are probably tired of hearing about people complain about them. Well, now Uber is […]

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