Dallas Cruiser Accident Attorney

Cruisers can be loads of fun—until the wrong conditions pop up and cruiser accidents occur. Since riders are riding cruisers without any sort of protection around them, they often experience truly devastating injuries when they are involved in cruiser accidents. Helmets are the only line of a defense a motorcyclist has against other objects, including passenger vehicles, utility poles, and pavement or asphalt. One study found that helmets were only 40 percent effective in preventing deadly head injuries to motorcyclists involved in accidents. Each time that a motorcyclist heads out on his or her cruiser, he or she is literally putting life and limb on the line.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a cruiser accident due to someone else’s actions or negligence, you can hold the at-fault party responsible for losses that result. Contact the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde to discuss your legal options and charter a course forward following your catastrophic accident.

Cruiser Accident Causes

Although sometimes motorcyclists themselves cause accidents, it is usually the case that cruiser accidents result from the actions of other drivers on the road—and most are 100 percent preventable. The main cause cited in these accidents is drivers failing to see the cyclist on the roadway, but the following can also lead to serious or even deadly cruiser crashes:

  • Impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs
  • Motorists cutting off cruisers in traffic
  • Clipping a cruiser while passing
  • Rear-ending cruiser at stop sign or traffic control device
  • Making unsafe lane changes
  • Not checking blind spots
  • Speeding
  • Inattention and texting while driving
  • Failing to yield to motorcyclist

In addition, the cruiser itself may be the cause of a serious accident. It is not unheard of for a bike to be defective, either due to errors in manufacture or design. A bike’s safety, steering or braking systems can fail, leading to horrific results.

Typical Cruiser Accident Injuries

Mile per mile, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to be killed than occupants or drivers of passenger vehicles. Typical injuries are usually catastrophic due to the nature of the bike, with nothing between the rider and dangerous objects other than air. Open fractures, burns, lacerations, internal bleeding, and traumatic brain injuries or spinal damage are not uncommon. Victims in these accidents may find themselves in need of years or physical therapy and rehab and undergoing countless surgeries to regain normal functionality.

Damages for Cruiser Accident Victims

The at-fault party in a cruiser accident may be on the hook for your medical bills, costs of future medical care, lost wages and diminished capacity to earn a living. If you have a disability as a result of your injuries, your award will be enhanced to reflect that. You may also be awarded damages for pain and suffering.

Contact Dorothy Hyde, Dallas motorcycle accident attorney, right away following your cruiser accident. Schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation with our legal team to discuss your options moving forward and the best way to approach your cruiser accident claim.