3 Classes of Food and Drug Recalls
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20 Apr 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

We are so dependent on our devices. From cell phones to TVs to cars, we use products every day that have the potential to injure or kill us. Products don’t always mean technology. Products can also mean food and drink. Products can be our cleaning solutions. Anything that we purchase or create to help users […]

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19 Apr 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

An incident that took place in nearby Ellis County on March 24 highlights the unpredictability of the roadways. That day, five people were killed on State Highway 34, close to Bardwell. Among those killed was Bardwell Police Chief Michael Spurgeon and his son, a firefighter with Bardwell Fire Department. Texas DPS investigators say that a […]

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13 Apr 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

A man who killed a woman after driving his vehicle at 107 mph in January is not facing a manslaughter charge. 21-year-old Alejandro Hernandez was driving east on W. Danieldale Road in Duncanville when he slammed into a Dodge Avenge. The woman in the Avenge, Tiffany Hamlet, was taken to the hospital but was pronounced […]

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12 Apr 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

The city of Dallas has received requests from three new scooter companies to put as many as 2,200 more scooters on our streets and they could be here as soon as this month. Until a little over a year ago, nobody really knew what electric scooters were. Now, if you have spent any time in […]

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06 Apr 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

Roadways are dangerous. No matter how many times you have driven the same road or taken the same route. The likelihood of you getting into an accident is the same every time you take your car onto the road. Our Dallas Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde know the heart break […]

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05 Apr 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

When you are sick or chronically ill or in pain, the only thing on your mind is to get better. All you want is someone to wave a magic wand and make it all better. Unfortunately, that isn’t how medicine or health works. There is no cure-all pill or potion. Well, there may be, but […]

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30 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

Today we want to talk to you about a tragic accident that happened that took the life of a boy the day before his eighteenth birthday. Police say that a North Texas teenager, Dayton Bryant, was skydiving as part of his celebration when there was a parachute malfunction. This was his first time skydiving and […]

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29 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

What happens when you get injured on an elevator? We hope you never have to ask that question because you yourself have been injured on an elevator, but that is exactly what happened to a nurse recently at a Fort Worth hospital. Carren Stratford, who works at John Peter Smith Hospital, was critically injured in […]

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23 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

There is no denying that helmets save lives and prevent major injuries in motorcycle accidents, yet there is no requirement in Dallas that says motorcyclists must wear one. That may change. Texas Representative Victoria Neave (D-Dallas) has introduced a bill that would make helmet wearing a requirement for all motorcycle riders in the state. In […]

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22 Mar 2019 |Dorothy Hyde

We expect our leaders to be responsible, examples that show the community the correct way to do things. That is why it has been so shocking to hear the Dallas Councilman Kevin Felder may have committed a crime. Last month, we learned that Felder was accused of hitting a teenager who was riding a scooter […]

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