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25 May 19 |

When you are out and about on foot, the last thing you should need to worry about is being struck by a negligent or careless driver. Whether you are simply catching some fresh air or our exercising, we know you take steps to be safe, but you cannot control the actions of other drivers. At […]

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24 May 19 |

Riding a bicycle can do so much for your health. It can improve your heart rate and stamina. Bike riding can help you lose weight and shape your leg muscles. Bike riding is even a fun class called spinning. Riding your bike should be encouraged and a fun way to get around town. Except, it’s […]

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18 May 19 |

You can’t prepare for every life event. You can what you can to make sure that you are healthy and secure, but when you get into a car accident, there is nothing to prepare to handle the damage to your property and you personally. Our Dallas Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Firm of Dorothy […]

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17 May 19 |

Choosing to ride a riskier vehicle does not mean that any and every accident is your fault. Yet, our Dallas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde hear it all the time from insurance companies and authorities: the motorcyclist was to blame. We know that isn’t true. We know that motorcyclists are […]

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11 May 19 |

Wrongful death suits are hard on everyone involved. Much like malpractice cases, committing to a wrongful death suit takes time, patience, dedication, and persistence. Our Dallas Wrongful Death Attorneys at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde know all about keeping our noses to the ground and putting in the work. We are so dedicated to […]

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10 May 19 |

Getting your hands on a dangerous or defective product is bad enough. When that product endangers the life of your child, it’s far more infuriating. Fisher-Price and Mattel, two companies trusted by parents the world over for providing toys and baby equipment that are safe and useful, is now facing two class action lawsuits in […]

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4 May 19 |

Carrying the mail should be an innocuous job, and it can be relatively safe to be a postal worker until a negligent homeowner allows a dangerous dog to run at large. When this happens, postal workers are put under dire risk of life and limb. Dallas postal workers are continually exposed to dangerous dogs, despite […]

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3 May 19 |

Riding a motorcycle is risky. You are driving a vehicle that has no out armor to protect you. However, just because you choose to ride a riskier vehicle does not mean that an accident is your fault. Our Dallas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at the Law Firm of Dorothy Hyde want you to know that we […]

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27 Apr 19 |

What do you do when you are feeling ill? You go to the doctor. What do you do when you get injured? You go to the doctor. What do you when you discover some disease or cancer? You go to the doctor. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff go through schooling and countless practice hours in […]

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26 Apr 19 |

If you ever had a child in sports then you know how cute they look in those little uniforms. From baseball to soccer to football, watching your child run around the field is one of the best feelings. It lets you know that they are having fun and really using their whole body potential. If […]

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20 Apr 19 |

We are so dependent on our devices. From cell phones to TVs to cars, we use products every day that have the potential to injure or kill us. Products don’t always mean technology. Products can also mean food and drink. Products can be our cleaning solutions. Anything that we purchase or create to help users […]

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19 Apr 19 |

An incident that took place in nearby Ellis County on March 24 highlights the unpredictability of the roadways. That day, five people were killed on State Highway 34, close to Bardwell. Among those killed was Bardwell Police Chief Michael Spurgeon and his son, a firefighter with Bardwell Fire Department. Texas DPS investigators say that a […]

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17 Apr 19 |

The city of Dallas has received requests from three new scooter companies to put as many as 2,200 more scooters on our streets and they could be here as soon as this month. Until a little over a year ago, nobody really knew what electric scooters were. Now, if you have spent any time in […]

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13 Apr 19 |

A man who killed a woman after driving his vehicle at 107 mph in January is not facing a manslaughter charge. 21-year-old Alejandro Hernandez was driving east on W. Danieldale Road in Duncanville when he slammed into a Dodge Avenge. The woman in the Avenge, Tiffany Hamlet, was taken to the hospital but was pronounced […]

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6 Apr 19 |

Roadways are dangerous. No matter how many times you have driven the same road or taken the same route. The likelihood of you getting into an accident is the same every time you take your car onto the road. Our Dallas Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde know the heart break […]

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