Major Medical Death Cover-Up
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08 Dec 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

While we do not usually bring you stories from outside of the state, this is one we think you need to see. Recently, in Tennessee, the staff at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center were not upfront about what really killed one of their patients. Last December, a patient was set to receive a routine sedative. […]

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07 Dec 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

We want to take you a few hours outside of Dallas to highlight something that is a bigger problem than most people realize – dog bites. The incident happened in Cedar Park and has left a 10-year-old boy seriously hurt. On November 28, police received a call just after 5 p.m. and arrived to find […]

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01 Dec 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

When Christine Brothers went to her doctor for a routine bladder check, she was in for some shocking news – she had multiple masses on her abdomen. When she returned for further checks, she learned she has metastatic non-small cell carcinoma. That started a nightmare that nobody wants to endure. She told her family and […]

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30 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

In the middle of last month, two men were killed in a vehicle accident caused by a suspected drunk driver. The accident happened just before the holiday, so the story seemed to fade from people’s minds, but we want to bring it up again. Why? Because Dallas motorists face dangers at all times of the […]

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24 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

We want to bring you a story out of Oklahoma because it highlights many of the dangers that people on our roadways face each day from large trucks. Last month, there was a series of accidents along I-40 that were caused by a single truck malfunction. On October 31, Oklahoma police were notified of multiple […]

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23 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

The last decade has been eye-opening when it comes to the long-term consequences of brain injuries for sports players, particularly those in the NFL. Now, the sports league has awarded more than $35 million dollars to multiple research centers to look into the effects of head injuries on players. This the just part of the […]

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17 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

As if Dallas pedestrians did not have enough to worry about, now they need to watch out for electric scooters zipping along all over the place. Emergency rooms across the United States have reported an uptick in severe accidents following the arrival of electric scooters in their cities. So, how are Dallas pedestrians doing so […]

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16 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

The entire Dallas area is mourning the loss of a 16-year-old girl after she died in a vehicle accident last week. Daisy Torres was killed and three other teenagers were injured when the vehicle they were riding in was clipped by another car. This caused their vehicle to spin out of control, off of the […]

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09 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

It sure seems as though your Uber driver will be more careful when complimenting you on your appearance or asking personal (and creepy) questions (aka “Hey, what panties are you wearing right now? Can I see them?”). Yuck. Uber has finally listed all types of sexual misconduct and sexual assault reported by their riders and […]

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03 Nov 2018 |Dorothy Hyde

We are brining you a story from outside of our usual coverage area because it highlights something we have been pointing out for a while – dogs have the potential to cause major injuries. Last week, a Galveston woman was severely injured after another dog attacked her as she was walking her own dog. The […]

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