Failure to Use Turn Signals Accident Attorney In Dallas

Car accident in Dallas, TexasEvery motorist in Texas learns about the importance of using turn signals when getting a driver’s license. The requirement that you should always signal your intention to make a left or right turn or change lanes is a basic traffic law, which isn’t that difficult to follow if you think about it.

However, believe it or not, failure to use turn signals is one of the most common traffic law violations in Texas and all across the U.S. “Not using turn signals can lead to a devastating, yet preventable car crash,” says our Dallas car wreck lawyer at Law Office of Dorothy Hyde. “In fact, each year, there are millions of car accidents caused by motorists’ failure to use turn signals properly or their failure to use them at all.”

Is failure to use turn signals ‘harmless’?

In comparison to other traffic rule violations such as exceeding the speed limit, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, ignoring the traffic rule that requires motorists to use turn signals to indicate their intention to turn, pass, or change lanes may seem harmless.

Unfortunately, what many motorists who think this violation is “harmless” do not realize is that failure to use turn signals can cause some of the worst car accidents. In fact, studies show that not indicating one’s intention to turn or change lanes causes more car accidents than distracted driving.

Failure to use turn signals is more dangerous than distracted driving

Those of you who thought, “No way!” may want to check out this report published by the Society of Automotive Engineers back in 2012. The study found that failure to use turn signals is responsible for more car crashes in the U.S. than getting distracted while operating a vehicle.

The report found that about 25 percent of all motorists in the U.S. fail to use turn signals properly when turning left or right, while 45 percent fail to properly signal their intention to change lanes or forget to use turn signals at all.

“For the sake of comparison, if distracted driving is responsible for approximately 960,000 car accidents each year, failure to use turn signals causes up to 2 million car crashes annually,” says our experienced failure to use turn signals accident lawyer in Dallas.

Traffic laws regarding signals turns in Texas

Texas has very specific use of turn signals laws. Turn signals must be used:

  • To indicate the motorist’s intention to turn left or right, change lanes, pass, or start from a parked position
  • To warn other motorists of his or her intention to turn left or right by signaling continuously for not less than the last 100 feet of movement of the vehicle prior to making the turn, and
  • Reasonably and responsibly (in other words, turn signals cannot serve as the “do pass” signal to a motorist of another vehicle approaching from behind or for any other purpose).

Let our lawyers help you determine fault today

The dangers of failure to use turn signals are clear. By failing to indicate your intention to turn, change lanes, pass, or start from a parked position, you significantly increase the likelihood of a preventable car accident.

If the other motorist failed to use turn signals, which, as a result, led to a car crash, that motorist will be held solely responsible for the resulting damages and losses unless your own negligence contributed to the accident. Do not hesitate to discuss your case with our Dallas failure to use turn signals car accident attorney from Law Office of Dorothy Hyde. Schedule a free consultation by calling at (214) 883-1700.