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If you think about it, our lives would be so much harder without personal injury law. After all, an injury can change your life either temporarily or for the rest of your life. It can leave you physically disabled, emotionally scarred, and with no money in your pockets to pay for your medical expenses, which can total hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Medical bills keep accumulating, but you suffered a significant loss of income and are temporarily or permanently disabled due to the injury, so how are you supposed to pay for your medical treatment?

Yes, an injury can leave an indelible mark on your life and it rarely goes unnoticed. You have a legal right to file a personal injury claim in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas and recover damages when someone else is responsible for your injuries due to their:

Easier said than done, right? Unfortunately, recovering compensation after a slip and fall accident, car accident, truck accident, or any other motor vehicle accident in Dallas is no easy task, largely because the at-fault parties do not always admit their fault, insurance companies are no strangers to employing dishonest tactics to reduce the value of your personal injury case or dismiss your claim altogether, and, above all, legalese is not exactly the easiest language to understand.

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So many people out there struggle to seek compensation for their injuries, damages, and losses. That is where a Dallas personal injury attorney from the Law Offices Of Dorothy Hyde, a trusted and respected law firm from Texas, comes in handy. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you can easily establish and prove the other party’s fault and negligence in the accident, negotiate with insurance companies from a position of strength, and not have to worry about flipping through thousands of pages of law books.

Regardless of the type and severity of your injury, you are entitled to recover damages if the other party owed you a duty of care, breached that duty, and that breach caused your injuries. These three elements of a personal injury claim can be easily established by any top-rated lawyer in Dallas.



Recovering damages in a personal injury claim is a five-step process:

  • Filing a personal injury claim in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas. You need a lawyer to calculate the value of your damages in order to determine the acceptable settlement amount to settle your claim for. Also, your experienced personal injury attorney in Dallas will collect evidence proving the other party’s fault.
  • Negotiating a settlement offer. Often, the at-fault party’s insurance company will get in touch with you and offer a low-ball initial settlement offer. NEVER accept that offer or give insurers a recorded statement before consulting with a lawyer. Insurance companies represent their own interests, not yours. They could not care less about your problems and injuries. All they want is to pay as little as possible.
  • If negotiating a favorable settlement out-of-court is not possible, file a personal injury lawsuit. After the lawsuit has been filed, you and the defendant will have another opportunity to reach a settlement offer before actually going to trial.
  • Go to trial. Although the vast majority of all personal injury cases are settled out of court before they reach this stage, do not rule out the possibility of having to litigate the case in court. Lawsuits are not only expensive and exhausting, but also complex and confusing. You need to have a strong legal case to win a lawsuit in Dallas.
  • Win the case. When you are represented by one of the best personal injury lawyers in Dallas, you will have no problem winning the case and being awarded a favorable verdict. Here at the Law Offices Of Dorothy Hyde, our law firm has been successful in 91 percent of all personal injury cases. In the past 5 years, our exceptional attorneys have successfully settled and tried over 200 cases.
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'Do I need a Dallas personal injury lawyer?'

Of course, you do. Only an experienced attorney can advise you on all the legal options available in your particular case and, if necessary, spearhead your case in the courtroom regardless of the type of accident you have been injured in a:

  • Car accident. Each year, about 40,000 car crashes occur in Dallas alone, leaving tens of thousands of people badly injured and in need of monetary compensation. Regardless of the type of the accident – DUI, distracted driving, pedestrian accident, fender-bender, read-end collision, head-on collision, multi-vehicle or any other – you need a personal injury lawyer to help you win the compensation you truly deserve. Have you lost a family member in a car crash? You may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Truck accident. Truck accidents may be less frequent than collisions involving passenger vehicles, yet they tend to be deadlier and much more destructive.
  • Motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, and pedestrian accidents. These three types of accidents in Dallas and elsewhere in Texas, often result in fatalities or severe and catastrophic injuries for motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians, because their bodies are fully exposed to a direct collision.
  • Slip and fall accident. In addition to motor vehicle accidents, our Dallas personal injury attorney from the Law Offices Of Dorothy Hyde also handles slip and fall accidents and other accidents involving the legal theory of premises liability. If you get injured on someone else’s property, the property owner may be held liable if he or she owed you a duty to maintain a safe environment.
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“Wait, but why should I hire one of your Dallas personal injury lawyers instead of seeking legal help in some other law firm in Texas?”

You may be wondering. Here at the Law Offices Of Dorothy Hyde, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and be available 24/7 to fight for the maximum recovery for every personal injury victim.

We understand how difficult it is to find the strength and money for a lengthy and costly trial, which is why we offer our clients affordable attorney fees and we do not get paid unless we win. We help our clients with medical assistance, as our law firm retains the services of qualified health care providers across Texas to provide you with thorough and immediate medical attention and evaluation.

Dorothy Hyde takes an aggressive approach to zealously fight for your rights. Time and time again, Mrs. Hyde has taken on big and powerful insurance companies in Dallas and all across Texas. Her exceptional negotiation skills have won the praise of our clients in more than 200 successful cases in the past 5 years.

Let us help you navigate the waters of personal injury law. Schedule a free consultation to formulate a legal strategy for your particular case.

Call at (214) 883-1700 or fill out this contact form today.


After I was severely injured, I didn’t know what to do next. One of my colleagues recommended reaching out to Dorothy for representation. When I finally did, I didn’t regret my decision — I received tremendous support and she treated me like family. She brought the best outcome and I’m amazed at the passion she brings into her work. I would recommend her services without any reservation.

- Allie

I’ve always known that I needed an insurance policy to protect me if I got into a car accident. But when I got involved in a car crash, I realized how important it is to have a lawyer protect me from my insurance company! This firm settled my case really quickly and delivered excellent results. Dottie secured a fair and equitable settlement, and I’d recommend her to anyone in need of good counsel and representation.

- Jack

Thank you for bringing my claim against the construction company to a successful conclusion. You made the process less intimidating and made me feel like the struggle I had to endure was valid. It has helped me cope with a lot of post-accident challenges differently. You were more than I expected — thanks again.

- Tom


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