Dallas Rental Car Crash Attorney

Car accident in a rental carRegardless of whether you live in or are visiting Dallas or any other city in Texas, you may rent a car to travel around the city or state. But what happens if you get into a motor vehicle accident on a rental car? Who pays for the damages in the event of a rental car crash?

After any car crash in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas, determining liability and figuring out whose insurance will cover the damages and losses can be quite confusing and frustrating. But when one of the motorists was driving a rented vehicle, prepare for even more finger pointing.

Some states require you to purchase insurance coverage prior to allowing you to rent a vehicle, but Texas is not one of those states. Our Dallas rental car crash attorney at Law Office of Dorothy Hyde explains that although this insurance coverage is designed to offer you financial protection if you crash a rental vehicle, whose insurance pays if you do not carry this type of coverage?

Insurance coverage in the event of a rental car crash

More often than not, those who do not purchase special insurance coverage for car rentals can get their own auto insurance company to pay for the damages and losses caused in a rental car crash. Under Texas law, it is mandatory for all motorists to carry insurance coverage of at least $30,000 per injured person and at least $60,000 per car accident.

However, you may run into several problems when trying to seek compensation through your auto insurer after a motor vehicle accident on a rented car. Our experienced rental car accident attorney in Dallas explains that many insurance companies preclude coverage if the motorist was operating another party’s vehicle.

Who pays for the damages in a rental car accident?

There are several options which may be available to you to get compensated for your damages and losses sustained in a car accident on a rented car in Texas. These include:

  • Collision damage waiver (CDW), which releases you from financial responsibility in case your rental vehicle is damaged in a car accident or stolen. Typically, this type of insurance coverage cannot be used if the rental car crash was caused by speeding, drunk driving, or driving on unpaved roads.
  • Non-owner auto liability insurance policy, which is a good option for those who do not own a car but rent vehicles frequently. This insurance coverage offers medical expenses coverage for you and your passengers.
  • Personal accident insurance, which covers medical bills for you and your passengers, but is not a viable option if you currently have health insurance or your auto insurance policy provides sufficient coverage in the event of a rental car accident.
  • Personal effects coverage is available to those whose personal items left inside their car were stolen.

In most cases, companies that provide car rentals check the motorist’s credit and driving history and may deny coverage based on your history. You may want to consult with a Dallas rental car accident lawyer at Law Office of Dorothy Hyde to find out whether or not you are covered by any insurance policy if you get into a car crash on a rented vehicle. Call our offices at (214) 883-1700 for a free case evaluation.