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Uber Accident

Uber and other rideshare companies are continually gaining in popularity in Mesquite because they are convenient and relatively inexpensive. Gone are the days of standing in the street, waiting to hail a cab or calling a cab company to speak with a dispatcher who lines up your ride. It has never been easier to catch a ride for hire than it is right now. You just sign into the Uber app, request a ride, and wait for your ride to get there. There is no handling money between the driver and passenger as it is all done in the app, including the driver’s tip.

It can all be quick and convenient, but what happens when you are involved in an Uber accident? Who is responsible for your injuries and damages? Rideshare liability can be complicated, but we have some answers for you below.

Independent contractor vs. employee

If you look at Uber’s website, you will see a statement declaring, “Uber is not a transportation provider.” So what exactly does that mean? How can Uber not be a transportation provider when you go through them to get transportation to your destination? In a nutshell, Uber is using that statement to limit its liability by letting you know that its drivers are independent contractors and not Uber employees. Companies are generally liable for their employees’ negligent conduct when they are operating within the scope of their employment. A company’s liability is much more limited when it comes to negligent independent contractors.

Safety concerns

Besides liability issues, there are some real safety concerns when it comes to Uber. Some of the questions that often arise about the safety of Uber and other rideshare companies are listed below:

  • Uber drivers are required by Uber and Texas state law to carry specific liability insurance coverage. Before they are hired, Uber may verify that they do have the proper insurance coverage, but who is checking to see that they maintain the required insurance?
  • How thorough and reliable are the driver background checks that Uber runs before a person can begin driving for Uber?
  • How often are these background checks conducted? If driver background checks are conducted annually, is that really enough? If a background check is run in January and in March, the Uber driver is arrested for driving while intoxicated, will he or she just be able to drive for Uber until the following January when they conduct another background check?
  • Are Uber drivers screened for drug use and how often?
  • Who is checking to see that the Uber vehicle is properly maintained?

If you have been injured in an Uber accident, contact Mesquite Uber accident attorney, Dorothy Hyde. Our Uber accident team understands that liability and insurance coverage issues can be difficult and frustrating, but we will handle all of those difficult and frustrating matters. We know the law. We are experienced with rideshare accident issues and difficulties. And we are expert insurance negotiators. We will see that you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages including medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, property damage, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.