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Injuries in large truck accidents can be devastating and sometimes fatal. Truck accident attorney in Mesquite helps you to get compensation for your losses and medical bills. Contact us now.
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Truck Accident

The trucking industry is big right here in Mesquite and it is a big industry all over the state of Texas as well. Texas employs more heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers than any other state in the United States. These large trucks are a staple on our roadways as they constantly transport freight in and out of the state. Unfortunately, the downside to our heavy trucking industry is that we see a lot of large truck accidents our state. Injuries in large truck accidents can be devastating and sometimes fatal.

Inherent danger of trucks

Large trucks are inherently dangerous thanks to their size, mass, and design. Dangerous trucking conditions include the following:

  • Poor visibility and large blind spots for truck drivers.
  • Large trucks cannot slow and stop as quickly as regular passenger vehicles.
  • Large trucks have a propensity to jackknife, which is extremely dangerous to other vehicles on the road that get caught in a jackknifed truck’s path.
  • They do no navigate as easily and quickly as regular passenger vehicles, so they are hard to maneuver in emergency situations.
  • Large trucks have underriding potential where cars can slide under their trailers in collisions resulting in grave injuries.
  • Their size and mass create a great force that can cause severe injuries upon impact.

As recently as July of 2018, these inherent dangers were proven here in Mesquite when a woman’s vehicle was struck by a large truck, then drug on its side while smashed between a road barrier and the large truck for 1,500 feet. The truck driver did not even realize that he had hit her or that he was dragging her vehicle. This accident is frightening evidence of just how dangerous large trucks actually are.

Injuries caused in large truck accidents

Injuries in large truck accidents can be major including spinal cord injuries and paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, fractured and shattered bones, internal injuries, lacerations, back and neck injuries, severed limbs, and death. These injuries can be temporary, long-term, or permanent and can change the course of life as you and your family know it. Life changes that may need to be made to accommodate your injuries include handicap modifications for homes and vehicles, life time medical assistance, nursing care, and childcare.

Investigation and liability

Truck accident liability depends on the facts of your case and liable parties may include the truck driver, the truck driver’s employer, the person or entity responsible for loading the truck, or the truck owner. If you have been injured in a large truck accident, contact Mesquite truck accident attorney, Dorothy Hyde, to schedule a consultation. Our truck accident team will conduct an investigation to help determine the cause of the accident and liability. We will review truck regulation compliance such as drive hour limitations, required maintenance, driver safety training, and freight loading compliance.

The Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde wants to see that you are fully compensated for your injuries. Injuries do not just mean medical bills and prescriptions; we will work to see that you are compensated for all of your applicable damages including but not limited to pain and suffering, lost wages, lost future earning capacity, disability, disfigurement, and loss of consortium.