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Sports Injury

Sports are a big part of life here in Mesquite for children and adults who have a variety of organized sports to choose from through private programs, school programs, and city leagues. Sports are great for exercise and conditioning, but as we all know, sports and related injuries go hand in hand. Often sports injuries are just a consequence of playing the sport and a risk you take when you decide to participate, but occasionally sports injuries are caused by someone else who should be held liable for your injuries and damages.


Sports injury and liability is not the same for adults and children because adults are more mature and responsible and are more able to appreciate dangers and risks associated with sporting activities and their own physical health. When an adult participates in a sport, he or she is responsible for injuries sustained that are commonly associated with participating in the sport. On the other hand, injuries sustained while playing a sport that are either not associated with the sport or that are caused by someone else’s intentional conduct may place liability elsewhere. An example of intentional conduct is when another player whose competitiveness and anger gets the best of him, intentionally hits another player with a baseball bat or football helmet. An example of an injury caused by something that is not a risk associated with the sport would be a stadium light falling on a player’s head during a soccer game.


Coaches, schools, and sports organizations do have a greater duty of care to children who are not mature enough to understand the extent of their own injuries, how far they can push themselves when not feeling well, not recognizing signs of dehydration, and forcing themselves to play because they want to impress their coach. Was your child injured due to a coach’s failure to properly care for your child? See below for some common child sports injury scenarios.

  • A child suffered injuries from severe dehydration because his or her coach did not recognize or appreciate the signs of dehydration when he or she should have. A coach encouraged a child to play through the pain because it was not time for a break.
  • A coach allowed or encouraged dangerous play such as tackling in a touch football game or tackling when players were not wearing appropriate tackle equipment.
  • A coach encouraged a child to play through the pain when he or she sustained a serious injury that should have received immediate medical treatment.
  • A coach failed to call off practice in dangerous weather conditions such as extreme heat or lightening and a player was injured as a result.

If you or your child suffered a sports injury due to the fault of someone else, do not assume that you do not have a claim because you assumed the risk or signed a waiver. Contact Mesquite sports injury attorney, Dorothy Hyde, to discuss the facts of your case and discuss any available recovery options. Our sports injury experts know that sports injuries can be painful and costly and we want to see that you receive compensation for the injuries and damages sustained due to someone else’s fault.