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Fatal Car Accident

There were an estimated 40,000 car accident fatalities in the United States in 2017 and close to 10% of those fatalities occurred right here in Texas with 3,721 fatalities.  The stresses and devastation that loved ones endure with car accident fatalities often leave people feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Even though a jury award or settlement does not replace what you have lost, it can help to alleviate financial burdens that you have experienced and will continue to experience in the future as a result of losing your loved one.

Common factors and causes of fatal car accidents

There are a number of common factors and causes regularly associated with car accident fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are four factors that are related to the majority of car accident fatalities. See below to understand how and why these accidents often occur. The statistics below are related to Texas accidents occurring in 2017.

Drunk driving – Car accident fatalities often involve at least one driver who is impaired by alcohol. There were 1,024 fatalities in Texas involving alcohol impairment.  That means almost 30% of Texas car accident fatalities are related to alcohol impairment.

Speed related – There were 741 car accident fatalities that involved at least one vehicle driving over the posted speed limit or failing to control their speed. Failing to control speed often means that a driver was driving too fast (even if he or she was not driving over the speed limit) for the conditions present such as too fast for the road conditions due to things like weather, debris in the road, or high traffic.

Drowsy driving – 160 car accident fatalities involved at least one driver who was fatigued or fell asleep at the wheel.

Distracted driving – There were 449 car accident fatalities that occurred when at least one driver was involved in distracted driving such as text messaging or emailing.

Additional common fatal car accident factors and causes include poor weather conditions, defective motor vehicle parts, and poor road maintenance.

Wrongful death and survival actions

Wrongful death and survival actions are two claims often made in car accident fatality cases. Wrongful death claims are generally brought by close family members to recover for losses that they have suffered due to losing their loved one such as loss of financial support and companionship. Survival actions benefit the decedent’s estate and are intended to recover for the decedent’s damages and injuries such as pain and suffering and medical bills.

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, you do not have to sort through your grief, injuries, and damages alone. Contact Mesquite fatal car accident attorney, Dorothy Hyde, to schedule a consultation. Our car accident fatality team will sort through the facts of your case and review the injuries and damages that you, your family, and the deceased sustained as a result of the car accident. We know that we cannot help you get what you want most, which is to have your loved one back, but we can help you secure a financial recovery to which you are entitled and that your loved one would have wanted you to have.