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Dog bite damages can be very serious. If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite or dog attack, contact Mesquite dog bite attorney, Dorothy Hyde to schedule a free consultation.
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Dog Bite

Reportedly close to 4.5 Million dog bites occur in the United States each year and 1 out of 5 dog bites require medical attention. Unfortunately, Texas is regularly among the states with the highest number of dog bites each year. Between the years of 2003 and 2017, Texas saw 54 dog bite fatalities. Fatal dog attacks most often happen to the most vulnerable people: young children and the elderly.

Dangers of dog bites

Dog bite damages can be very serious. Injuries can include skin punctures, torn and shredded skin, and deep dog bites can cause damage to ligaments, nerves, muscles, and bones. Dog bites can cause disfigurement and permanent scarring. Victims can contract diseases such as rabies and end up with infections from dog bites.

One bite rule

Texas has a one bite rule which is often interpreted as every dog gets one free bite before the owner is liable. That interpretation is somewhat, but not entirely accurate. If the owner knows that his or her dog previously bit a person or if an owner is aware that his or her dog has acted like it wanted to bite someone in the past, then the owner will be liable for a subsequent bite. Even if the owner was not aware of a prior bite and the dog did not show any dangerous propensities, the owner (or another person as demonstrated in an example below) may still be liable in some cases such as if it can be shown that he or she was negligent or that he or she did not follow animal control laws. See below for more details.


Sometimes someone’s negligence allows for a dog bite to occur and that person can be held liable. For example, if a daycare provider allowed children to pet a stray dog and that dog bites one of the children, the daycare provider may be liable for the child’s injuries and damages because he or she was negligent in allowing the children to pet a stray animal.

Mesquite animal control laws

Texas has animal control laws and Mesquite has additional animal control laws that pet owners residing in Mesquite are required to follow. An owner may be found liable for a dog bite if the owner was in violation of an animal control law at the time that the dog bite occurred. Below are some of Mesquite’s specific animal control laws:

  • Pets that are outdoors must be confined in a fenced in area or tethered in a manner that prevents them from escape.
  • Exotic, wild, and dangerous animals are prohibited.
  • Owners are limited to three adult dogs and one litter of puppies up to 6 months of age.
  • Each dog must have a rabies vaccination by the age of four months and then be vaccinated annually thereafter.

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite or dog attack, contact Mesquite dog bite attorney, Dorothy Hyde, to schedule a consultation. Our dog bite team understands the emotional and physical pain that can result from dog bites and we will work to see that you and your loved ones are fully compensated for your injuries and damages.