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Bus Accident

Whether you are a regular passenger on the Mesquite Compass or you have a child that rides the Mesquite ISD school bus or your only interaction with buses is that you share the same roads, the fact is that we all have a relationship with buses in one way or another. Buses are very convenient because they are able to transport large numbers of people at a time and they help the environment and commuter traffic by allowing passengers to travel together rather than all of those people traveling in separate cars on the road. The downside to buses is that they have the potential to cause severe injuries, which means that we all have reason to be concerned about buses and bus safety.

Serious bus accident injuries including death

You have likely heard about the recent Mesquite ISD bus accident in which children were injured and one child died in a rollover accident. Yes traveling by bus is statistically safe, but it is important to remain cautious around buses because when they are involved in accidents, they can be severe and can cause serious, life-changing injuries including death. Contributing factors to buses’ dangerous propensities include their size and mass, which can result in major accident injuries. Bus driver visibility is limited because of buses’ size and design. Seatbelts are often not available and when they are, passengers often do not wear them anyway.

It is not only bus passengers who are injured in bus accidents. Others often injured in bus accidents include the following people:

  • Passengers of a different vehicle involved in an accident with a bus.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists who are struck by a bus.
  • Passengers getting on the bus are sometimes injured in various ways such as getting caught in the bus door because the driver shuts it too quickly or getting run over by a driver who does not see the passenger attempting to get on the bus.
  • Passengers getting off of the bus who may get caught in the door causing them to be drug along with the bus, falling down the steps, or struck by the bus because the bus pulls away before the passenger can safely get out of the bus’s way.

Bus accident liability

Bus accident liability can lie with several different people and entities including the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident, the bus owner, the bus driver, a government entity, the bus manufacturer, or the person responsible for a dangerous condition that caused the accident such as a poorly maintained road or parking lot. It is important to remember that there may be different requirements and statutes of limitation for filing a claim against a government entity, so be sure that you do not lose your right to sue by waiting too long to bring a claim.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, contact Mesquite bus accident attorney, Dorothy Hyde. Our bus accident experts will review your claim and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case. At The Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, we understand that bus accidents cause serious injuries and our goal is to see that you and your family receive the compensation that you deserve for the injuries and damages you have suffered.