Lyft Accidents Are Car Accidents
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Lyft Accidents Are Car Accidents

By: Dorothy Hyde Posted in: Lyft accident attorney

There are so many ways to get a ride to and from wherever you need. You can either find a phone number or download apps to help you find rides. It is easier now more than ever to locate a ride at a reasonable cost. Nowadays, people don’t just use a taxi service to go to and from a bar. Today people use these kinds of services for the experience. Depending on the app you can choose the kind of vehicle style you want to ride in. People use these choices to go out to dinners or events.

Using a service like Lyft is helpful for the environment because it means fewer cars on the road. Lyft can also make the night convenient if you are going to an event where lots of people are going. By using Lyft you won’t have to worry about paying for parking or finding a parking spot. Not to mention, you can leave without fighting traffic in the parking lot. This was the thought process behind three young women who were excited to see their role model former First Lady Michelle Obama. Little did they know that taking a Lyft would mean risking their lives.

The Sad Story

The three young women were ready to make history and see the lovely First Lady Michelle Obama at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Obama was speaking on her book tour and Monica Johnson, Angela Jones, and Naylan Holman were ready to see her in action. Unfortunately, the three women did not make it to the event. On the way to the event the Lyft vehicle was struck by a truck and then the truck left the scene. The truck hit the Lyft vehicle so hard that all three women sustained serious injuries that have left them with permanent damage.

The truck was said to have hit another vehicle but still remains at large. Since it was a hit and run the Lyft drive was not at fault. Because the Lyft drive was not at fault there was no one to blame except for the truck driver who was never caught. So what were the three young women to do? They are currently caught up in an insurance nightmare. Lyft, like Uber, insures each driver up to $1 million dollars. However, whatever the women do get they will have to divide into three. At this point in time, they are each looking at medical bills over $10,000 each. This doesn’t include any lifetime challenges.

How We Can Help

Our Lyft Accident Attorney at the Law Off of Dorothy Hyde in Dallas has over 30 years of experience. We will make sure that you are getting treated fairly as well as fairly compensated for the injury that you sustained. Even though Lyft is new to the scene, car accidents are not.Call 214-883-1700 or click here to start a conversation with our Lyft Accident Attorney today. We know how to get you back on the right path.

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