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Is Uber REALLY Reducing Drunk Driving Accidents And DUI Arrests?

Is Uber REALLY Reducing Drunk Driving Accidents And DUI Arrests?
By: Dorothy Hyde Posted in: Uber Car Accidents

Almost all of us know that feeling when you have had so many drinks you can barely walk straight or even walk. This often happens when you are at a bar, nightclub, friend’s home or anywhere that is not your home.

Not so many years ago, people who had too much to drink had only two options: go out and try to find a cab (hoping that they do not get hit by incoming traffic) or, worse, get behind the wheel when intoxicated just to get home.

Luckily, Uber and other ridesharing companies offered an excellent alternative: just whip out your phone (if you have not lost it while partying), open the Uber app, and request a ride. This only requires typing in the pick-up and drop-off addresses (hopefully, you do remember where you are at and where your home is).

In other words, Uber was introduced to the world as a convenient way to get a ride no matter where you are and no matter what condition you are in. So it would make sense if Uber actually reduced the number of DUI arrests and drunk driving accidents, right?

“Well, this is not really the case,” says our Dallas Uber accident attorney from the Law Offices Of Dorothy Hyde. Uber itself claims on its website that rideshare companies help “curb drunk driving,” but how true is that?

Researchers say that this statement is not exactly accurate. Statistics show that Uber and other rideshare companies have helped reduce drunk driving only in certain cities, and that this tendency does not apply across the board.

How Uber has affected drunk driving statistics in the U.S.

An independent study, one that was not sponsored by Uber or other rideshare companies, showed rather conflicting results. The study looked into the occurrence of drunk driving accidents in four cities: Las Vegas, Reno, Portland, and San Antonio. According to the study, there was a noticeable decrease in drunk driving accidents in both San Antonio and Portland.

But the same cannot be said about Reno and Las Vegas. In other words, densely-populated cities with high traffic congestion and limited parking did not see a significant decrease in drunk driving since Uber and other rideshare companies were introduced in 2011. But, again, there are many exceptions.

Another study found that since 2011, there was a whopping up to 35 percent reduction in drunk driving accidents in four boroughs of New York City, which has long been known for its problem of drunk driving.

Uber has not solved the problem of drunk driving entirely

“While statistics offer rather conflicting results, it is undeniable that Uber and other ridesharing companies have played a significant role in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents in certain cities in the U.S.,” says our experienced Uber accident attorney in Dallas.

A study by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) found that young people, who are commonly considered the highest risk demographic when it comes to drunk driving, are more likely to request a ride via Uber and recommend Uber to a friend than to get behind the wheel drunk.

The same study also claims that there has been a 6-percent drop in driving under the influence of alcohol accidents in cities where Uber is active. Yes, Uber made a difference in reducing the number of DUIs in many cities across our nation, but it has not solved the problem entirely.

Even though Uber is available to a large percentage of people across Dallas, Texas and our nation, there is still a high risk of getting into an accident involving an intoxicated driver. That is what a Dallas Uber accident attorney at the Law Offices Of Dorothy Hyde.

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