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Dog bite injuries can be painful. If you have been victim due to negligence of other person and suffer from dog bite injury, feel free to call dog bites attorney Forth Worth at 214-883-1700. She will help to receive financial recovery that you deserve.
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Dog Bite

Dogs, affectionately known as man’s best friend, can be great companions and beloved family members. Whether dogs are on a hunting trip with their owners, at the puppy spa, out for a run, or just hanging out at one of Fort Worth’s off-leash dog parks, it is safe to say that you can find people with dogs all over our city.  As wonderful as dogs can be, sometimes they can be anything but, especially when dogs attack people. Millions of dog bites occur in the United States each year and many of them end up causing serious injuries that require medical care.

Dog bites can be extremely severe, even deadly in some cases. What seems like a minor dog bite can turn into a major medical problem when the dog bite victim ends up with an infection or disease as a result of the dog bite. Dog bites can cause scarring and disfigurement and require many follow up surgeries and extensive medical care.

Dog bite responsibility

In many cases the dog bite responsibility is going to fall on the dog owner. Defendant owners can find themselves in trouble both criminally and civilly, depending on the circumstances. While criminal liability will punish the defendant, it will not compensate a dog bite victim for his or her injuries and damages; only a civil claim will help a dog bite victim with financial recovery.

Dog bite claims

There are two main avenues for dog bite claims in Texas, negligence or strict liability. See below for a brief description of each.

Strict liability – Strict liability for Texas dog bites is also known as the ‘one bite rule.’ This means that an owner can only be held strictly liable if he or she was aware that the dog had previously bitten someone or previously behaved in a way that made the owner think his or her dog acted had potential to bite someone.

Negligence – If you are not able to recover under a theory of strict liability, you might be able to recover under a theory of negligence. In order to prove negligence, you need to show that the defendant (usually the owner, but not always) did not exercise reasonable care and the dog bit you as a result.

Fort Worth animal control laws

In Fort Worth and some other cities in Texas there are dog restraint requirements. Dogs are required to be securely enclosed or confined in an owner’s yard with enclosure specifications. When a dog is with its owner off of the property, the dog must be leashed and accompanied by the owner. Showing that animal control laws were violated when you were bitten will strengthen your case.

Dog bite injuries can be painful, life-changing, emotionally harmful, and medically expensive. Fort Worth dog bite experts at The Law Office of Dorothy Hyde Hyde understand how serious dog bites can be and how harmful their impact can be to the victim and his or her family. We want to see that our clients receive the care that they need and the financial recovery that they deserve.