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Whether you are the victim of a train-related accident resulting from negligence on the part of the train operator, product and manufacturer liability, malicious intent you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and damages. Discuss your case with Fort Worth train accident attorney at 214-883-1700.
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Train Accident

Most everyone has witnessed some terrifying or devastating depiction of a train accident in a television show or movie, but few ever imagine a train accident happening to them. However, train accidents are a reality in America and nearly 3,000 happen every year. There is a reason train accidents are used in so many dramatic stories; the results of real-life train accidents are almost always severe: about one in every three train accident results in a fatality.

Train accidents can occur in many different ways and effective a number of different parties. There is a complicated number of parties potentially responsible for the accident. This complexity, coupled with the severe damage train accidents cause, makes it an extremely ill-advised situation to navigate on your own. You should consider a Fort Worth train accident attorney to provide experienced consultation and representation. Dorothy Hyde and her team have built a reputation across Texas for their relentless and informed approach to personal injury cases. Having the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde will benefit you in your fight to obtain compensation.

The Many Forms of Train Accidents

Train accidents can occur in many forms and effective numerous different people simultaneously. Train accidents can effect drivers and vehicle passengers, pedestrians, and passengers of the train. The types of train accidents vary as well.

A common form of train accident occurs when a vehicle or person is struck by a train while crossing a railway. There are a number of defects or negligent behaviors that can cause a vehicle or person to be struck by an oncoming train. There could be defects in the crossing signals and gates. Train conductors can neglect to turn their lights on or use proper horn signaling before approaching a crossing. Sometimes, objects on the train can protrude too far and come in contact with vehicles or bystanders at the crossing. At times, neglected maintenance can leave crossing signals blocked or not clearly visible.

When a train accident is caused by a train coming derailed, the results are usually devastating. Trains can become derailed as a result of negligent track maintenance and objects or hazardous being left on tracks. Equipment failures and faults can also lead to derailment. Another common cause of derailment is when a train is overloaded with cargo.

A collision or derailment is not always necessary in train accidents. Railroad workers and bystanders can fall onto the tracks. No collision train accidents can usually come with destructive consequences.

With all the potential parties that can be at fault in a train accident, attempting to pursue compensation alone can be a mistake. If you or a loved one experienced the misfortune of a train accident, you should contact a Fort Worth train accident attorney with the experience necessary to navigate the complex aftermath. Dorothy Hyde and her legal team have earned their trustworthy reputation across Texas for their willingness to fight with everything it takes to attempt to obtain compensation in any claim they pursue. For a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde today.