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Did you suffer seat belt injuries in a car accident in the Fort Worth area? When a malfunctioning or poorly designed seat belt leads to injury, it is vital to seek adequate compensation from the vehicle’s manufacturer, auto retailer, supply company, or seat belt distributor. Call at 214-883-1700.
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Seat Belt Injury

From an early age, we are taught the importance of seat belt safety for good reason. In many accidents, particularly roll over accidents, seat belts can save lives. However, in some accidents, seat belts can cause injury. Injuries caused by seat belts can vary in severity, and they are often caused by seat belt defects.

If you or a loved one are dealing with seat belt injuries caused by a defective element regarding the design or manufacturing of the seat belt, you are probably plagued with injury and financial hardship. You relied on seat belt designers and manufactures to take the necessary precautions to ensure something with such an important function worked properly. Now you are paying for their neglect both financially and physically. You should not be forced to accept such hardships; you should contact a Fort Worth seat belt injury attorney. Attorneys at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde have earned their reputation of trust and tenacity through fighting for each and every case.

Common Seat Belt Malfunctions

Although proper function is of utmost importance of seat belts to provide safety properly, there are a numerous amount of seat belt defects that have continually occurred. Defects and malfunctions that are seen repeatedly include the following:

Defective retractors: Effective retractors provide a proper amount of give; they also retract at a consistent pace. The material that the seat belt is made of experiences more wear and tear if retractors are defective, increasing the likelihood of a seat belt malfunctioning during an accident.

Issues with latching: A properly functioning latching system is vital for a seat belt’s effectiveness. Faulty latching devices can include seat belts that appear to latch, but provide little resistance against force and seat belts that unlatch while an accident is occurring.

Poor quality materials: Some seat belt manufacturers choose lesser quality materials to save on production costs. Lesser quality materials have a higher chance of wearing down and malfunctioning during accidents.

Possible Injuries

Seat belt malfunctions can cause a variety of injuries. Most serious seat belt injuries include internal injuries to the abdomen, spine, and bowels. Due to the nature of said injuries, it is important that you seek medical attention after any accident where you suspect that you sustained a seat belt related injury. Internal injuries can go under diagnosed by the self and have the potential to worsen severely.

After seeking medical treatment, you should consider contacting a Forth Worth personal injury attorney. Seat belts have a number of possible defects, like faulty retractors, latching problems, and low quality materials that can cause severe damage that could have been avoided if they malfunctions were not present. Injuries can be internal and severe. They can cost you extreme physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial difficulty. You should not have to experience such suffering due to negligent manufacturers and designers. The Law Office of Dorothy Hyde has earned respect in the Fort Worth community and in other areas of Texas. For a free consultation, click this link or call 214-883-1700