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If your child was involved in a school bus accident, at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, school bus accident lawyers have experience in representing victims of school bus accident. They'll listen to you and talk about your legal options, with no obligation.
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School Bus Accident

For many, the weekday begins with getting children ready to check the morning school bus. In fact, over 20 million American children ride the bus every school day. While school buses are usually safe modes of transportation, accidents can still occur. School bus accidents can vary from injuries that occur on the bus or during an accident to children being stuck when they get off the bus and become pedestrians.

While there are a number of precautions in place to prevent school bus injuries, negligence still occurs. Your child’s well-being is likely the most important thing in your life, and any injury they suffer can be devastating. Your child’s comfort should not have been compromised from someone else’s negligence. If you require a Fort Worth school bus accident attorney, you should contact the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde. After all, when it comes to your child, you want a legal team with experience who are not afraid to fight for your best interests.

School Bus Safety

A school bus accident is a reality that no parent wants to imagine. Unfortunately, some school bus accidents are unavoidable; however, there are some precautions you can practice and share with your children to increase school bus safety and awareness. Here are some ways to promote safety at bus stops.

Be Timely

An often neglected safety procedure is teaching your child timeliness when it relates to arrive to the bus stop. It is much easier for children to be distracted and unaware of their surrounding when they are in a rush. Be sure to communicate the importance of arriving at the bus stop with plenty of time to spare.

Establish Waiting Distance

It is important that children maintain a safe distance from the roadway the bus will be stopping in. The National Highway Safety Administration recommends that children remain at least six feet from the roadway.

Boarding Safety

You should stress to your children the importance of being cautious and cooperative when boarding and exiting the bus. Be sure to let them know to never begin the process of boarding a bus until it comes to a complete stop and the bus driver opens the door and signals for entrance. Anytime they enter or exit the bus, they should use the handrails.

Cautionary Exit Behaviors

There are various other safety strategies your child can practice to increase the likelihood of safe bus travels. Children should know to never go behind a bus. They should also know that they should alert their bus driver if they drop anything around the bus or in the roadway. When they must cross the street, they should always make eye contact with the driver before crossing.

Even if your child practices flawless bus safety behaviors, an accident can still occur. There are a lot of moving parts and involved parties in school bus accidents. Your child should not have to suffer due to the complexities of school bus accident claims. You should consult with an experienced Fort Worth bus accident attorney. Contact the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde today.