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Severe head, neck or other injuries suffered in a rollover can leave you with lasting physical problems and chronic pain. If you or someone you know has been injured in a rollover accident, you may need the advice of a qualified Fort Worth Rollover Accident Attorney.
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Rollover Accident

Any type of car accident can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation. However, rollover accident has much higher chances to be devastating. Rollover accident account for over 30 percent of all deaths involving vehicles. This is an especially high fatality rate considering rollover accidents account for less than five percent of vehicle accidents.

Rollover accidents are somewhat of a rarity. When they do occur, it is often caused my negligent driving or product manufacturing. This negligence is especially costly considering the likelihood of severe injuries and even death in rollover accidents. If you experienced a rollover accident due to negligence, you should consider a Forth Worth rollover accident attorney. You should seek an attorney with the experience and confidence necessary to conquer any challenges that come with obtaining compensation on your behalf. At the Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde, tenacity and experience are prided qualities amongst the legal team.

The Manufacturing Defect Problem

Consider that less than 20 percent of rollover accidents involve another vehicle, manufacturing and design defects are a reoccurring and problematic cause of rollover car accidents. There are many possible design and manufacturing defects that can contribute to serious injury during rollover accidents. Defects in the tires that fail unexpectedly or well before being worn out are a major contributor to rollover car accidents. Aside from negligent behavior leading to manufacturing defects, faulty tire installation heavily contribute to tire blowouts and failures.

Another defect that plays a major role in injuries during rollover car accidents are seat belt malfunctions. Seat belt malfunctions are particularly unfortunate because a properly functioning seat belt is often one of the best lines of safety in a rollover car accident. Common causes of seat belt malfunctions include faulty latching systems, defective retracting systems, and low quality material.

Roof malfunctions can be particularly costly in rollover accidents. Structural integrity in the roof is vital in preventing cave ins and crushing that can be responsible for serious injury and fatality. Manufactures who fail to provide proper pillar support in roofs can put passengers and drivers at extreme risk during rollover accidents. Poor design choices in a vehicle’s roof can also increase the difficulty of escaping after a rollover accident; in turn, this increases the likelihood of entrapment and further injury.

Rollover accident injuries can be severe. Common injures include injures to the upper body. Injuries to the head, neck, back, and chest are occur regularly. Some of the more severe injuries include spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, skull fractures, and paralysis.

After surviving a rollover car accident, you should always seek medical attention. Due to the shock and adrenaline of the accident, you may not feel realize the extent of your injuries immediately following the accident.

When your injuries are treated, you should consider contacting a Fort Worth car accident attorney. Rollover accidents are caused by negligence far too often, and the severe consequences should not go unaddressed. AN experienced attorney can be vital in the pursuit of compensation on your behalf. For a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde.