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Rear End Accident

As far as car accidents go, rear end accidents are usually not taken very seriously. Many do not take them seriously because they think they are cut and dry mistakes that result in little damage and are easily handled by insurance companies. However, rear end car accidents can actually be serious accidents that cause extensive damage and debilitating injuries. In some cases, rear end accidents can even be fatal: around 250 Texans lost their lives to rear end accidents in 2017.

Even if a fatality does not occur, rear end car accidents should be taken seriously. You should contact a Fort Worth rear end accident attorney for guidance on how to proceed. At the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, attorneys are ready to provide qualified, experienced consultation and representation in the fight to obtain compensation on your behalf. Do not let the negligence of others cause physical and financial strain on your life.

Fault is Not Automatic

Many are under the impression that the driver who collided with the read-end of a vehicle is always at fault in rear end accidents. This is not the case. There are many instances where the leading driver is at fault. This is especially true in Texas consider the state’s modified comparative fault laws. Texas scales who is at fault by percentages in car accidents. Any driver under 51 percent fault may be entitled to damages. While said drivers will not receive the full amount of potentially entailed damage, they will receive the total amount after subtracting the percentage of fault they were responsible for.

One situation where a following driver may not be at fault in a rear end collision is when the leading driver makes a shortsighted or sudden stop, triggering a collision. In such situations, the following drivers have little time to react and avoid a collision. However, it is likely that the leading car’s insurance company will attempt to place the blame on the following driver. If you were recently in a rear end collision where the lead driver was at fault, you should avoid speaking further with the leading driver’s insurance company and contact a car accident attorney.

Whether you were leading or following when the rear end car accident occurred, you may be entitled to compensation. You could recover damages to cover any medical costs associated with the accident, necessary repairs and associated vehicle costs, and any lost income or anticipated future loss of income stemming from the accident. There is also potential to be compensated for the physical pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the accident.

If you were recently injured as a result of someone’s negligence in a read end accident, you may be considering pursuing damages. As previously mentioned, insurance companies will try their best to coerce you into communications in which they will attempt to put you at fault for the accident. You should seek representation from an experience attorney with a proven track record. Contact the Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde today for a free consultation.