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At the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, large van accident attorneys have the necessary experience representing injured victims throughout the state and know how to investigate these complex cases, uncover evidence and bring the responsible parties to justice.
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Large Van Accident

Large vans—usually with 15 or more passengers—are a great way to get the football team to the next game or get to an office function at the lake. Whatever the need may be, large vans are a convenient, affordable way to transport groups of people simultaneously. With that being said, large vans can be difficult to drive and pose a high risk for accident when an unexperienced driver is behind the wheel.

Being involved in large van accident has the potential to leave you with serious injuries and an inability to work. You should consider seeking out an experienced attorney to pursue compensation for damages on your behalf. At the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, attorneys have the experience and tenacity to confidently pursue compensation for your damages,

Smart Safety Tips for Large Van Driving

Unlike other large and commercial vehicles, a specialty license is not required to drive a large van. While this make large vans accessible to more people, it can also increase the chance of accident resulting from inexperienced driving behaviors. Injuries and damages associated with large van accidents can be severe. In order to minimize the risk of accidents while operating a large van, there are some safety procedures that can be practiced.

A large van driver should have experience driving large vehicles before providing rides for any passengers. Being unfamiliar with the unique demands of a large vehicle—such as the way the vehicle takes turns, accelerates, and stops—can be the difference between a safe trip and an accident.

Maintaining the tires and tire pressure of a large van is of the utmost importance to safe driving. More so than other vehicles, mainly due to their odd weight distribution, large vans require tires to be full on tread and properly inflated. Driving a van without proper tire maintenance increases the likelihood of head on collisions and rollover accidents.

Drivers of large vans should be especially cautious of their speed. Large vans cannot perform sudden changes in direction as well as a normal vehicle. Large vans also require a longer stopping time. Maintaining a reasonable speed is vital to keeping drivers and passengers safe in a large van trip.

Unlike larger passenger vehicles like buses, large vans traditionally have seat belts. Even still, many may neglect wearing the seat belt because of the perceived similarity a large van shares with a bus. This is a mistake. Large vans are susceptible to rollover accidents which can be especially deadly when seat belts are not worn.

Following proper safety procedures can certainly improve your chances of safe travels in a large van. Sadly, some accidents just aren’t preventable. If you or a loved one where injured in a large van accident, negligence may be in play. Whether you were a passenger or in another vehicle, somebody’s inexperience driving a large van could be at the root of your accident. You shouldn’t have to accept the monetary and physical hardship this inexperience and negligence has caused. You should contact a Fort Worth large van accident attorney. Call the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde for a free consultation.