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Electric Car Accident

In recent years, electric cars have become a phenomenon in Texas and nationwide. Electric cars have many appeals: they are better for the environment, produce less emissions, and require far less fuel than cars with internal combustion engines. Electric cars really seem like the car of the future. However they are not without risks.

There have been more and more arising concerns about the tendency for electric cars to cause pedestrian accidents. While many factors could contribute, some feel that the low noise output of electric cars are to blame. Whatever the case, electric car accidents can come with serious consequences, including severe injury and loss of ability to earn income. If you or a loved one were recently involved in an electric car accident, you should seek an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney. Dorothy Hyde and her legal team have developed reputation for defending their clients and pursuing damages with tenacity and confidence. There is a reason Dorothy Hyde is known as the barracuda after all.

Electric Cars: Silence can be Deadly

While electric vehicles may be saving the environment, they are increasingly putting pedestrians in danger. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, electric vehicles are 20 percent more likely to cause a pedestrian accident than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. When it comes to cyclists, electric vehicles cause 50 percent more accidents than cars with an internal combustion engine. Electric cars have a clear pedestrian accident issue.

There are many factors that could potentially contribute to the high rates of pedestrian accidents among electric vehicles. Overall, electric vehicles are much quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles. Additionally, they emit much lower levels of sound pressure, which is particularly dangerous for the blind. Other factors such a driving behavior, the age of the electric vehicle, the amount of eclectic power it relies on and the size of the city it is being driven in effect pedestrian accident rates.

When combined with negligent driving, distracted walking, and noise from the environment, electric cars can make for a dangerous combination for pedestrians and cyclists. Injuries can be severe. Internal injuries are common in pedestrian accidents. Such injuries include injuries to the ribs, internal bleeding, and bleeding of the brain. Injuries to the pelvic area are also common in pedestrian accidents. Other common injuries are broken bones, severe head trauma, and injuries to the back and spine.

You should always seek medical attention after an electric car accident. Due to the likelihood of internal injuries, neglecting medical care could lead to developing injuries and complications. After seeking sufficient medical care, you may want to turn your attention to seeking compensation for your damages. You are likely dealing with injuries and a loss of income due to the negligent behavior of an electric car driver. You should seek a Fort Worth car accident attorney with the experience and confidence to obtain compensation on your behalf. The Law Office of Dorothy Hyde can offer just that. For a free consultation, contact us today.