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Whether you were injured in Car Collision as a result of driver negligence, hazardous road conditions, or a weather-related collision, you do have the right to fight for compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered. Contact Car Collision accident attorneys today for a free, initial legal consultation.
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Car Collision Accident

Car accidents are never easy to deal with. Even the most inconsequential accidents likely come with some financial setbacks. However, more serious accidents, especially those that involve collisions, can be life altering events that affect your physical health, your mental well-being, and your financial security. While nobody want to experience a car collision, they happen regularly enough that common forms of car collisions have been established.

Whether you were involved in a head-on, side impact, or rear-end collision, you are likely dealing with the costly and painful consequences. Collisions often occur due to the negligence of others. You should not continue on in suffering caused by negligence. You should consider a Fort Worth car accident attorney. It is important that you reach out to an attorney with the experience and confidence necessary to stand up and fight insurance companies who are trying to prevent you from compensation from damages. The team at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde are ready to fight for your best interests.

The Big Three of Car Collisions

While car accidents can occur in numerous ways, car collisions usually happen in one of three ways: head-on, side impact, and rear end. Each has its own causes and injuries associated and each should be approached in an individual way.

Head On

Head on collisions may be the most potentially fatal form of car collisions. Head on collisions occur when two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction come in contact with each other. They are usually caused by negligent driving behaviors such as distracted driving, exhausted driving, and driving under the influence. Head on collisions are so dangerous because vehicles are normally traveling at high speeds at the point of contact. Head on collisions can result in broken bones, brain damages, and injuries to the neck and spine.

Side Impact

Sometimes referred to as a “T-bone” collision, side impact car accidents occur when the side of a vehicle is struck by the front of another vehicle. These accidents can be particularly dangerous for driver or passenger being stuck by the forward moving car. Side impact crashes happen most often at intersections, but can also occur as a car is leaving a driveway or a paring lot.

Read End

Many people will experience a rear-end collision, otherwise known as a “fender-bender.” Rear end collisions happen when one car hits the rear of another car. Rear end collisions are usually the least devastating of car collisions. With that being said, rear-end collisions can result in serious damage and injury. While most believe the following car is always at fault in a rear end car accident, that is not always the case.

Whatever form of car collision you experienced, you should seek medical attention. Underlying and internal injuries often go unnoticed in the immediate aftermath of a car collision. After you have tended to your injuries, you should consider a Fort Worth car accident attorney that will fight to obtain compensation on your behalf. For a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde today.