Sandra Bland’s Family Awarded $1.9 Million

Wrongful death suits are hard on everyone involved. Much like malpractice cases, committing to a wrongful death suit takes time, patience, dedication, and persistence. Our Dallas Wrongful Death Attorneys at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde know all about keeping our noses to the ground and putting in the work. We are so dedicated to our wrongful death cases because we have seen the devastating trauma left on families who lost a loved one too soon. Wrongful death suits hold negligent persons and parties responsible for causing the death of another person. In this particular article, we are focusing on the story of Sandra Bland and her family.

Our Dallas Wrongful Death Attorneys take pride in knowing that we are bringing justice to a family in pain. We may not be able to turn back time, but we will do what we can to ensure that you have a better future.

Sandra Bland’s Time

The investigation into Sandra Bland’s death ignited a fire in the Black Lives Matter movement resulting in the #sayhername campaign. Sandra Bland was just one of many women of color who has been abused or died at the hands of the police force. The story of Sandra Bland starts when a police officer pulls her over for failing to use a turning signal. Apparently, the officer felt the need to ask Bland to step out of the car. Reports state that Bland and the officer entered a heated exchange which resulted in him arresting her.

Bland was taken to the local county jail. Three days later she was found dead in her jail cell. The cause of death was suicide, but the suspicion runs high on how she could have died. The trial of Bland’s death was slow, but the jury agreed that the police officer was not telling the whole truth. The jury sided with Bland’s family, and the judge awarded the family $1.9 million. The money is awarded without guilt or blame on those involved in Bland’s death. However, the jail must improve how they handle the arrests of people as well as their stay in the jail cell. This isn’t a permanent solution, but it does provide some hope that social standards will change.

What We Can Do

Our Dallas Wrongful Death Attorneys understand that financial compensation is no comparison to bringing back someone’s life. However, it is our way of seeking justice and holding those responsible, so no one else has to feel the same pain again. With us, by your side, we will make sure to fight for compensation for

    • Any related medical bills
    • Funeral expenses
    • Loss wages (present and future)
    • Loss of companionship
    • Pain and suffering for the family
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