Family Wins $1 Million Medical Malpractice Suit

What do you do when you are feeling ill? You go to the doctor. What do you do when you get injured? You go to the doctor. What do you when you discover some disease or cancer? You go to the doctor. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff go through schooling and countless practice hours in order to carry whatever title they have. We, regular people, have to trust that whoever is looking after us when we are ill or injured is doing their best. People in the medical field have to treat people with a certain standard of care. Yet at the end of the day, these doctors and medical staff are just human. Hospitals are just businesses selling products to help people get healthy. Unfortunately, it takes the loss of a life to remember that not every doctor or facility is capable of treating their patients correctly.

Our Dallas Medical Malpractice Attorneys at the Law Firm of Dorothy Hyde has worked with clients with very different stories. Some stories more heartbreaking than others, but the one thing they all had in common was the negligence of the doctors and medical staff. Medical Malpractice, in a basic definition, is when a doctor or medical staff’s negligent behavior results in injury to a patient. The negligent behavior can look like a misdiagnosis, error in treatment, error in prescription, or error in aftercare or health management.  At the end of the day, doctors and medical staff are human and humans make mistakes. However, there is a difference when the damage from the mistake is foreseen and avoidable.

Olivia’s Story

The Keller family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and won against a small medical facility run by Excel ER for $1 million. The 4-year old girl was taken to the facility around 2 am with a fever of 101 that had just broken. The small child was alert, but her heartbeat was still rapid and her breathing abnormal. The doctors ordered lab work but soon sent the child home with fluids and antibiotic for an ear infection.

Nearly five hours later, the parents tried to rush their daughter back to the ER because of her conditioned worsened. It was too late. The doctors misdiagnosed the child and improperly discharged her. After an autopsy was complete, the investigation showed that Olivia died from bacterial meningitis. The parents were not informed that the doctor was not fully licensed, but practicing. Had the doctor been more experienced then Olivia would still be alive today.

What To Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to medical negligence or if you are unsure then it is important that you seek legal assistance. Our Dallas Medical Malpractice Attorneys are ready to help you through the process as it can be time consuming and lengthy. We are here to answer any questions and get you the justice you deserve. Call 214-883-1700 or click here to start your journey to success with our attorneys at the Law Firm of Dorothy Hyde in Dallas today.

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