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Dallas Daycare Accident Lawyers

Daycare programs for children of working parents operate in a variety of contexts, including:

Home/family daycare settings

Church, synagogue, mosque or temple daycare programs

Privately owned, licensed care facilities

In-house child care in corporate settings or other workplaces

After-school programs in schools, the YMCA or community centers

Choosing a daycare provider is an important responsibility for parents. Most mothers and fathers screen potential caregivers with diligence and discretion. When a child is injured in a daycare environment, it normally comes as a shock. Particularly when a caregiver is shown to have been overtly negligent, parents find it hard to believe — and normally feel a deep-seated need to find out why and how the injury took place.

Injuries in daycare settings may happen because of:

Faulty playground equipment

Dangerous toys

Property defects, such as loose stair railings

Freak accidents, such as electrical fires

Dog bites

Lack of supervision

Abuse or bullying

It is critical to find out in detail how and why the accident happened. Reconstructing the accident can help prevent harm to other children in the future. It can also provide the evidence needed to file an injury claim or lawsuit against a negligent caregiver, property owner and/or product manufacturer.

It is heartbreaking and frustrating for our clients, usually parents, to learn of child injuries at day care in Dallas or elsewhere. The most urgent concern when a child is injured in a daycare setting is to get him or her top-notch medical care and therapy, if needed. Depending on the severity of the injury, he or she may face lifelong disabilities and special needs. Our Dallas daycare injury lawyers are skilled at discovering how a personal injury occurred and using evidence gathered to build strong cases for full compensation.

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  • after reading your website on daycare/childcare negligence, my son lost (2) teeth on the side and the front tooth was knocked up into his gum to the bone, along with the paint residue embedded on the tooth enlarged in the gum. The two knocked out, possibly will have to be partials because of his age (10) yrs. old. The procedure, has been very painful, having to surgically bring the tooth back down to its’ original state once the gum is cut away which covers the tooth to do so. Having to remove the paint residue was quite painful in going up into the gum to remove it and putting some type of medical sealent over the gum to prevent germs out. Next, Braces on the tooth/gum after the gum heals and the other front tooth that was knocked foward protruding outward and the tooth as well to include the gum shifting outward this will take braces ensuring all back to their normal state. The full braces will be put on after the rest of the baby teeth, upper and lower. Right now they can not be. He has really suffered and self- conscience. Can you help us? The YMCA, is refusing to pay for his medical while all this took place on their watch in their afterschool care. Their care was negligent. My child will have somewhat of long care dental work/precedures until he reached the appropraite age for the braces. Can your firm assist me.

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