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Truck Accident

As far the road is concerned, commercial trucks are the dangerous behemoths drivers want to avoid. This desire to avoid commercial trucks doesn’t stem from the belief that the drivers are unsafe, but from the potential for traumatic injury if an accident did occur. Our instinct for survival tells us big things are dangerous and commercial truck are very big things.

For very good reason, commercial truck drivers must prove that they are capable of handling the responsibility of driving such heavy machinery on a daily basis. But no matter how safe a commercial truck driver is, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Since most truck accidents involve commercial vehicles exceeding 20,000 pounds, being involved in an accident with one almost always results in serious injury or damage. In most cases, it will be necessary to contact a an Arlington truck accident attorney. If you are in need of an Arlington truck accident attorney, The Office of Dorothy Hyde has over 30 years of experience to bring to your aid.

Injury Risks

Thousands of commercial vehicles are on the road everyday transporting products and making deliveries. They are a vital part of our economy’s success. However, due to their enormity and difficulty to drive, commercial driver’s licenses must be issued to anybody wishing to operate one. Though commercial licenses are in place as a security precaution, there are still plenty of driver-related risks to be aware of.

Commercial truck drivers often drive for multiple hours at a time, putting them at risk for exhaustion. Driving while exhausted is comparable to driving under the influence and is especially dangerous when big vehicles are involved. Other distractions like phone usage increases the likelihood of a commercial truck accident.

The materials being hauled by commercial trucks are another risk factor to consider. For example, we have all seen a commercial truck hauling a bed of new cars to a dealership. If one of these cars were to be improperly loaded, they could come lose on the roadway. A fully-loaded car falling from a big truck into oncoming traffic poses obvious risks for injuries or accidents.

How We Can Help

The consequences of commercial truck accidents are often severe. Over 95 percent of accidents involving commercial semitrucks result in a death. Even if death is avoided, serious injuries are likely to be accrued. At the least, medical bills will be costly: commercial truck accidents cause nearly $60,00 worth of damage on average . If you or a loved one were recently involved in a truck accident, it may be time to contact an Arlington truck accident attorney. The Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde can help you obtain the compensation you need.

Our attorneys will focus on strengthening your financial security while you recover. The first step will be working to cover all medical expenses related to the accident. Next, if you are unable to work during rehabilitation, we will focus on any income that may be lost. Commercial truck accidents are a devastating misfortune and you shouldn’t have any added financial stress while you recover. For a free consolation, contact us by clicking this link or give us a call at 214-883-1700.