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Product Liability

In America, new products are being introduced everyday with the intention of making life easier. In most cases, the products deliver on what they are selling. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as some products are faulty, cheap, or even dangerous. There is not much you can do about cheap products, but products with harmful malfunctions are a different story.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a faulty product, you might want to seek out an Arlington product liability attorney. The Law Office of Dorothy Hyde has over 30 years of experience, and we are ready to fight for your rights and hold those who harmed you or your family accountable.

The Ins and Outs of Product Liability

Product liability claims are made when a defective product causes illness or injury after use. Since product defects are not always immediately apparent, the statute of limitations on said products are lengthy. In Arlington, you have two years after the defective product caused injury or illness to act with a product liability claim. In order to prove a product was indeed defective, there are three main qualifying factors. The qualifying factors include the following:

Defective Design: In order to prove a product has a defective design, it must have qualities that were unsound from the conception of the design.

Faulty Manufacturing: For faulty manufacturing, a product does not have to be inherently flawed. Instead, the defective element would have arose during the manufacturing process.

Defective Marketing: Labeling issues cover a variety of things. For example, a label that does not list the side effects of a product that caused harm could be eligible for a product liability claim. Other improper labeling practices include failure to warn of a product’s hazardous elements or failure to list sufficient instructions for product use.

After determining a product was liable for your injury or harm, there are multiple parties that could be responsible. Some potentially responsible parties include the following:

  • The manufacturer of the product
  • The manufacturer of individual parts used in the product
  • The entity responsible for assemblage or installation of the product
  • The product’s wholesaler
  • The product’s retailer

The repercussions of faulty products can lead to hospitalization, loss of work or income, long-term aliment, and even death in severe cases. For that reason, those responsible for producing a faulty product should be held accountable.

What to do Next

After seeking proper medical treatment, consider contacting an Arlington product liabilty attorney as soon as possible. While the statute of limitations in Arlington is two years, the sooner you act on a claim after the injury took place, the better chance you have in the proceeding lawsuit. The Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde has the experience necessary to pursue those involved with putting a faulty product into the marketplace. We will fight for you no matter the size of the company behind the product. We fight because we do not believe you should suffer financially after suffering physically and emotionally from a faulty product. For a free consultation, contact us at this link or give us a call at 214-883-1700.