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If you met and fatal car accident, and lost loved once in accident, you need to speak with Arlington fatal car accident attorney who takes an action to protect you and your family. For a free consultation, contact us at 214-883-1700
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Fatal Car Accident

The grief of losing someone close to you in a fatal car accident can be so overwhelming that it leaves you immobilized. After all, nobody expects to lose loved ones during a routine activity like driving a car. The pain from grief is hard enough to deal with, but the financial suffering caused from the accident also must be addressed.

Unfortunately, fatal car accidents often leave families compromised finically, especially if the deceased was the primary earner. While it may be a hard decision to make, if you recently lost a loved one to a car accident, you should consider contacting an Arlington fatal car accident attorney to discuss your options.

At the Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde, our attorneys have experience navigating the delicate process of making a claim after the death of a loved one. Please let us share some key information you need to know if you lost someone in a fatal car accident.

Claims to Make

In Arlington, there are two claims that can be made in the case of a fatal car accident. Depending on the situation, you can either file a survival claim or a wrongful death claim.

A survival claim can be made if the decedent died instantaneously as a result of the accident. In that event, a family member or representative of the decedent’s estate would take on the personal injury claim that would have occurred if the accident was not fatal.

The second type of claim that can be is the wrongful death claim. The wrongful death claim is meant to address the monetary loss suffered by the decedent’s family by compensating for the financial contribution the deceased made. Those eligible to make a wrongful death claim include the spouse, children, or parents of the decedent.

Never Rush into a Settlement

The statute of limitations in Arlington is two years, which leaves you plenty of time to settle a claim. However, in many fatal car accident claims, insurance companies of the other driver will attempt to create an urgency to settle. If you settle with the insurance company, the defendant is cleared of any further liability. While settling with the insurance company may be the best option in some cases, there is no reason to rush the settlement. To ensure that you obtain proper compensation on your behalf, you should reach out to an Arlington fatal car accident attorney.

How We Can Help

Due to the complexities of a fatal car accidents and the urgency of insurance companies, reaching out to a qualified Arlington fatal car accident attorney is a wise decision. While nothing well erase the grief of loss, having strong legal representation can ensure greater finical stability in the trying times ahead. It is important to hire an Arlington fatal car accident attorney that will stand up to insurance companies and fight for your best interests. With over 30 years of experience, the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde knows what it takes to protect you and your family. For a free consultation, contact us here or give us a call at 214-883-1700