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Car Accident

For many in Arlington, the daily commute begins and ends in the car. Driving a car to and from work is a staple for many people’s daily routine. As the seatbelt buckles, the last thing on anyone’s mind is a car accident. There is just no reason to anticipate such misfortune on a normal day.

Unfortunately, no matter your level of driving skill, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. After all, we can’t control the driving behavior of others. Negligent and erratic driving happens all the time, and the results are usually a car accident. If you or a loved one were recently in a car accident, it may be time to contact an Arlington car accident attorney. At The Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde, we have 30 years of experience dealing with car accidents. We fight for you every step of the way as we do our best to obtain compensation on your behalf.

Car Accident Overview

Car accidents are one of the most common claims in America. For that reason, there are more types of delineations and more outside factors to consider when dealing with a car accident claim than with most cases. The first step should always be identifying what type of car accident you experienced. Common types of car accidents include the following:

Personal Car

The most common type of car accident is a personal car accident. This occurs after your car makes contact with someone else’s vehicle. If the opposing driver is at fault, pursuing a car accident claim may be your best option. If you decide to pursue a claim, you should not initiate contact with anyone besides an attorney. The opposing driver’s insurance company will likely try to save as much money as possible by rushing to a settlement.

Commercial Collison

A commercial accident involves commercial trucks. Unsure of what a commercial truck is? Think semis and big-rigs. As you can imagine, the aftermath of commercial accidents are usually disastrous. Serious injuries and even fatalities are a real possibility, and each case should be treated with an appropriately serious response. After injuries are addressed, you should consider an attorney before proceeding any further.


Motorcycles are a personal freedom that make America what it is. Unfortunately, even when you take all safety precautions, motorcycle accidents usually end in horrifying fashion. Even worse, the road-rash, broken bones, and head injuries are usually a result of a negligent other. While your motorcycle does not offer the added protection that a car does, an attorney can add the protection you need in the aftermath.

Rideshare Service

Lyft and Uber are becoming a dominating presence in public transportation. However, due to lax regulations, more and more unqualified people are becoming responsible for the safety of others. Rideshare services may have hefty insurance claims to back them up, but their negligent drivers should not go unpunished. Contact an attorney to get the representation you need.


Pedestrian accidents occur when a car strikes someone near a roadside. Often, the only time a car would come close to hitting a pedestrian is when a negligent driver is involved. If you are a victim of negligent driving, you should not let the accident go forgiven. Contact an attorney to get advice on your next move.


Whether you are riding for leisure or transportation, bicycling is a great way to get around Arlington. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t know how to share the road and end up harming cyclists. If you are involved in an accident while riding, do not hesitate to find legal representation.

Injuries to Expect

The injuries resulting from a car accident vary just as much as the type of accident itself. Some common injuries include the following:

  • Head: Ranging from concussions to skull fractures, head injuries are not to be ignored. With head injuries, emergency or reconstructive surgery may be necessary.
  • Neck and Back: Injuries include herniated disks, strains, spinal complications, and whiplash. Neck and back injuries should be treated with severity, even if they seem minor initially.
  • Burns: Car accidents can often cause burn injuries across the board. Some require minor treatment while others can be fatal.
  • Soft Tissue: These injuries, usually occurring to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, have a tendency to linger long after the accident occurs.
  • Bones: Broken bones are a realistic possibility of car accidents. They require costly medical bills and long healing periods.

If you suspect you were injured after a car accident, seek medical treatment immediately. No matter the finical cost, nothing is worth risking your long-term health. Once you have addressed your injuries, it may be time to contact am Arlington car accident attorney.

Who is at Fault?

Car accidents are rarely intentional. You would have to be a very sick individual to purposely initiate an accident. However, just because an accident may be unintentional, it doesn’t mean that no one is at fault. This is especially true when negligent driving comes into play.

Negligent driving can be caused by reckless behavior, illicit substance consumption, device distraction, or exhaustion. Getting behind the wheel while under the influence hinders both motor skills and inhibitions and increases the likelihood of an accident. Device distractions such as texting or scrolling social media are becoming a leading cause of accidents. Exhaustion is often an underestimated cause, but it can have effects similar to drug or alcohol use.

The Next Step

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life that usually result in injury and missed opportunities for income. For that reason, we suggest that you consider consulting with an Arlington car accident attorney after a crash. At The Law Offices of Dorothy Hyde, we refuse to be intimidated by insurance companies trying to rush into a settlement. We will fight with everything we have to ensure that you are not left in finical ruin as a result of a another driver’s negligence. With our 30 years of experience, we will do everything in our power to obtain compensation on your behalf. For a free consultation, contact us by clicking this link or give us a call at 214-883-1700.