After Death, Officers Face New Training
If you or your loved one has been killed because of the negligence of another person or agency, contact wrongful death attorney in Dallas at the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde.
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After Death, Officers Face New Training

By: Dorothy Hyde Posted in: Wrongful Death

There have been seven Fort Worth police officers on desk duty ever since Christopher Lowe, 55, died while in police custody. Now, those officers are about to find out their punishments for their part on the incident.

When they responded in July to calls of a man pounding on the hood of a vehicle, they quickly apprehended Lowe. He was handcuffed and placed into a police car. News reports say that Lowe began to complain of medical issues but was ignored. Officers soon found him unresponsive and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to reports, the officers face a range of disciplinary actions, from a few days’ suspension to termination.

At the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, we do not know the specifics of this case, but there have been many like it throughout the country. Police incidents are not the only way that the negligence of others can cause a death. If you need a Dallas wrongful death attorney, you can count on Dottie Hyde to be by your side, working diligently to recover the compensation your family needs and deserves.

What Can Happen

Wrongful death cases come about when another person’s reckless, careless, or negligent actions cause another person to lose their life. The victim’s family can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the person, people, company, or agency they believe is responsible. Below, we will cover a few of the common ways in which we see these cases arise.

Vehicle Accidents

There were more than 14,000 people seriously injured in Texas according to statistics from the latest reporting year. Many of those were caused by extreme driver negligence. This can include distracted driving and drunk driving.

Workplace Accidents

If an employer fails to provide proper training or the necessary equipment for their workers to do their jobs and it causes someone to lose their life, they could be held accountable. There are also times when third-parties such as other contractors, do not follow the same safety standards.

Product Liability

Thousands of products are recalled each year because they pose a danger to consumers. This could be due to a labeling issue or a design/manufacturing flaw.

Medical Mistakes

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the US and happen when a medical professional is negligent in their duties to provide a high level of care.

(Please know that this is not a complete list and you should always seek help from a qualified attorney about your specific case.)

If Something Happens

The is nothing more devastating than finding out a loved one has been killed because of the negligence of another person or agency. At the Law Office of Dorothy Hyde, we understand the pain of losing a loved one and will work with you to recover the compensation you deserve after an incident. This can include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Punitive damages against those responsible
  • Loss of future income and benefits
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering damages

If you need a wrongful death attorney in Dallas, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 214-883-1700.

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